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Our Vision

visionI am very excited about our new initiative, the 2pm Crossroads service. I have had a burden to cultivate a community for the folks who attend that service, to establish a unique identity in order to establish a deep, gospel related connectedness through the sharing of kingdom priorities and serving our church together. I believe the changes that we’re making for this service will serve us well to that end, that we will be able to clearly outline exactly what we’re trying to do for this service. This service is not geared for families within our church, although they’re welcome to come, but this is for the single student/professional who wants to be part of a service or community that would be more interactive. To that end, I will make myself available to respond to questions and allow the community to connect on Sundays, whether through the food, service, or questions. I believe the liturgy, music, and opportunities for ministry will be more accessible and distinct from anything we do in the earlier services. We are trying to establish a unique and distinct initiative. I would like to invite any of you to be a part of this. I welcome you to come to reach this group of people in our great city.

– Pastor Um, Senior Pastor of Citylife Church

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