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Single Serving Saucy Surprises

January 22, 2010

Although we tend to use The Crossroads blog for primarily “business” related content – events, news, articles, or photos —  from time to time we feel the need to update you on various miscellany and trivia that either is 1) completely unnecessary to know, 2) related to our Crossroads family, or 3) relatively entertaining. Based on this rubric, I came to the conclusion that this piece of news fits all three.So what happened? See for yourself!

Amazing! Jonathan is technologically savvy! He’s checking his email on his phone. Congrats Jonathan! Welcome to the age of smart-phones. Okay, Jonathan using a smartphone isn’t a big deal. But wait a second, what’s that on his leg? Is that what I think it is? OMG.

Nobody call 911! That’s just ketchup! Jonathan is fine. His jeans, well, not so good.

So on the streets of Downtown Crossing, a fellow (whom will remain unnamed) stepped on a ketchup sauce packet and it exploded simultaneously while JK was ambling back to the office. When he came back to the office, I happened to have a camera as he was cleaning up the mess. Even after cleaning, JK was carrying eau de Heinz for a good bit of the afternoon. But even ketchup can’t keep Jonathan down!

Being the gracious gentleman that he is, he let me take a picture of him post-condiment-trauma. Aside from some laundry duties, I think he’ll be okay. But I wouldn’t wave any bottles of ketchup around him, it may draw up unpleasant memories.

If you haven’t thought about it, consider signing up for the Univ. Ministry Winter Getaway!

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  1. February 10, 2010 8:58 pm

    hahaha I know who did it lol

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